MailQuick Inc. provides a variety of specialized services to facilitate your bulk mailing needs:

High-Speed Addressing

We provide high-speed inkjet adressing of most mail pieces. This can greatly reduce the amount of time and effort required to produce large mailings. Save money and time wasted on conventional labels by printing your addresses directly onto the mailing.


Laser Printed Letters

Laser printing services for mail merge letters can add personalization to your mailing. The crisp quality of the text is unmatched. Mail merged letters can be used in coordination with windowed envelopes to reduce inserting costs.


Tabbing is required for all folded mail pieces and booklets. The design of the mail piece will determine the number and location of tabs required by postal regulations. Tabs may also be affixed for aesthetic or functional purposes if the mailing you design is going to mail at a FlatRate (larger than letter size).


We can fold your pre-printed letters or single page flyers. 


Our Inserting machines can make quick work of assembling your letters. We can automate the inserting of up to 4 inserts into a standard #10 envelope.



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