Design Tips - Letters

Standard Letter-Size Mail





3-1/2 inches

6-1/8 inches


5 inches

11-1/2 inches


0.007 inch

1/4 inch

As far as the Post Office is concerned A letter is any mail piece that falls into the dimensions previously listed. This means that an inserted envelope and a postcard with the same dimensions are both considered letters by the Post Office and will both have the same postage rates.


When designing a letter size mail piece there are several elements to keep in mind:

  • The Return Address MUST be above the destination address
  • The destination address must be to the right of the return address
  • If you are designing a barcoded mailing, the destination address must be at least 3/4" from the bottom and 1/2" from the side of the mail piece. The barcode is approx. 3" long so the address box needs to be that long also. The postal OCR (Optical Character Recognition) systems can confuse background images and the barcodes so be careful when placing images behind address panels.


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